Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro SM-G715 Flex Skin Case and Holster Combo, Slim Protective Flex Skin Case with Heavy-Duty Belt Clip Holster by Wireless ProTech

Wireless ProTech

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Product Overview

This Heavy-Duty Swivel Belt Clip Holster and Slim Protective Flex Skin Rugged Case has been designed for Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro G715.

The Holster is made with a Rubberized Soft-Touch Coating for an anti-slip grip and raised edges for added protection.

The Slim Lightweight Flex Skin Case is made from a Rubberized and Ribbed Textured TPU Flexible Material for anti-slip grip and drop protection which can be used alone or together with our Heavy-Duty Holster for Safe Keeping.

The Protective Slim Lightweight Flex Skin Case allows access to all Charging and Headset Ports and Power, Push-to-Talk and Camera buttons while in the Holster.

The Heavy-Duty Reinforced Belt Clip has been Engineered with Lock-in Technology for Regular and Large Size Belts up to 1.75”.

The Swivel Belt Clip automatically locks in place up to 180 degrees for comfortable positioning.

The Holster has been designed to withstand harsh environments for everyday use.

The Holster is lined with Microfiber to protect your Screen from Dirt, Dust or Scratches once inserted. Keep your phone close and secure with Wireless ProTech.

Simply attach your phone into the Slim Protective Flex Skin Case, insert your phone with the Screen Facing either in or out into the Holster.

Available in multiple colors to identify different departments or fleets.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review