Sonim XP10 (Phone Model XP9900) Belt Clip Holster with Secure Latch by Wireless ProTech

Wireless ProTech

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Product Overview

Sonim XP10 (XP9900) Belt Clip Holster by Wireless ProTech. Please make sure you have verified your phone model prior to purchase.

Quick release latch allows you to easily and securely insert and remove your device single-handedly.

Access to the charger port while in the holster, no need to take the phone out of the holster to charge.

Heavy duty 180° rotating belt clip with soft finish is designed to easily adjust for either right and/or left handed use.

Microfiber interior lining to protect your phone's screen from getting scratched, fingerprint stains, lint, and dust.

Place phone facing inward into the holster to fit properly and to protect the screen.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review