Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro SM-G736 Slimline Shell Case and Magnetic Clamp Clip Combo by Wireless ProTECH

Wireless ProTech

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Product Overview

Turn your Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro SM-G736 Case into a sleek and lightweight body camera with our magnetic sealing clamp clip coupled with our slimline soft-touch protective case. Its intuitive and ergonomic design allows for quick and secure attachment or release from uniforms no matter the situation. The block bar design ensures the magnets do not attach to unwanted surfaces.

Our two-piece body camera mounting option is designed to fit perfectly in any uniform. The hexagonal cutout allows the clip to be used over zippers or between buttons. Powerful industrial strength magnets keep the alligator-style clip attached to your uniform even in the most stressful situations. Access your device immediately with the help of the quick release duck bill design.

The slimline soft-touch case (available in multiple colors) adds protection and additional grip while allowing full access to controls, PTT communication as well as charging and headphone ports.

When time and stability is critical Wireless ProTECH has you covered. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review